BiTS (Business Integrated Transaction System)
Business Integrated Transaction System or BiTS is a software solution that centralizes transactions electronically to obtain smooth processes and credible results.
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More competent result in purchasing goods and services for its organization and clients.
Forms are securely routed and electronically signed.
Monitoring of projects, payment's as well as the goods or items received and released to its suppliers and clients.
Inventory System
Designed to keep track of stock levels, supplies, and monitor stock movement as it travels to and from the warehouse. It shows up-to-date inventory with maximum efficiency.
Security. Flexibility. Accuracy
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Provides a highly integrated function which helps you to improve the level of process and ensure the real-time capturing of details within your inventory.

The system is capable of managing your goods, tracking the records of adjusted details.

Customized reports for your decision-making, efficient capturing of data, secure transaction process, and organized way to manage your users.
Procurement, E-Forms & Inventory System
Procurement System Features
Procure and purchase seamlessly with the tip of your finger!
A system that provides an effective and efficient way of purchasing goods and services for its organization.
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Procurement System Features

With our Procurement System, you can access:

Dashboard, Purchase Requisition, Quotation, PO from Client, PO to Supplier, Certificate of Completion, Inquiry, and Delivery Receipt.

Create PR, Client, Supplier, Create Account’s Payables, Receivables, Accounting Logs, and Reports.

Outstanding AP, Outstanding PR, Project Summary, Routing Approval, and Notifications.

E-Forms System Features
Organize. Connect. Be Productive using our E-Forms System
We provide processing of capital expense, cash advance, expense report, petty cash, request for check, travel request, transmittal, and maintenance management.
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E-Forms System Features

With our E-Forms System, you can access:

Dashboard, Capital Expense, Cash Advance, Expense Report, Petty Cash, Request for Check, Travel Request, Transmittal, and Maintenance.

Create Capital Expense, Monitor Capital Expense, Create Cash Advance, Monitor Cash Advance, Create Expense Report, and Monitor Expense Report.

Create Petty Cash, Monitor Petty Cash, Create Request for Check, Monitor Request for Check, Create Travel Request, Monitor Travel Request, Create Transmittal, and Monitor Transmittal.

Notification, Routing Approval, and Maintenance Management.

Inventory System Features
Upgrade your best experience with our Inventory System
We provide processing of Inventory dashboard, Item Request, Purchase Request, Approve Request, Inquiry, Monitoring, and Management.
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Inventory System Features

With our Inventory System, you can access:

Dashboard, Item Request, and Release Items.

Create Purchase Request, Item Receiving, and Approve Request.

Inquiry and Monitoring.

Item Management, Item Location, Manual Adjustment, User Management, Role Management, and Physical Inventory.

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