FiTS (Financial Integrated Transaction System)
It is a centralized system that can be managed by multi-sites/branches.
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Monitoring and generating accurate reports and profits in real time.
This system can help those who are in small, medium, even to large scale enterprises in managing easily.
Automated, fast, and secure processing of foreign currency and collateral loans.
Lending System
An automated and secure system that can process paperless applications with approval level of processed loans, has real-time image capturing that is automatically saved and attached to their application form. Clients may have the convenience of filing their loan applications.
Sustainability. Reliability. Dependability
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The system also has secure processing and monitoring of payments, check releasing and check monitoring.

Reports can be customized as per requirements, defining loan types and interest.

It can also manage customer information, user accounts, setting of roles and module access permission for your business security.
ForEx & Pawnshop System
ForEx System Features
Get the most out of it using our ForEx System
A system that adds, edits and updates rates or currency values in foreign exchange processes. It can also provide accurate reports and transaction records.
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ForEx System Features

With our ForEx System, you can access:

Create New Transaction, Edit Transaction, Reversal of Transaction (Posted and Unposted), For Cancellation, and Transaction History.

Add and edit additional currency requirement.

Daily Transaction, Forex Inventory, Receipt Re-printing, and Currency Rates.

Pawnshop System Features
Upgrade your best experience with our Pawnshop System
We provide processing of valued items for a loan money whether for New Pawn, Renewal, Partial Payment or Redemption, Pawnshop Reports, Cash Monitoring, Money Movement Ledger, Creating of User Accounts and Branches
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Pawnshop System Features

With our Pawnshop System, you can access:

New Pawn, Redemption, Renewal, Partial Payment, Pull Out Items, Pawnshop Records, and Reversal Transaction (New Pawn only).

Audit, Auction, Daily Loan, Daily Redemption, Monthly Loan, and Monthly Redemption.

Cash Monitoring, Beginning Balance, Update Beginning Balance, Cash Additional, Cash Disbursement, Cash Withdrawal Peso, Cash Withdrawal Forex, and Money Movement Ledger.

Create New User, Edit User, Create New Branch, and Edit Branch.

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